The Inappropriate Marsh – Coming Soon! UPDATE


**Update 4th December 2017

Inappropriate Marsh will no longer be part of the website. If you had watched the youtube channel, you will know why.



This is the “Inappropriate Marsh” Section where John will reveal his best bits and other shenanigans including parts from ‘Battling The Bailiffs’ and other interesting counterparts from his travels and eccentric lifestyle!

John is an important part of Chrisy’s team, where he will offer ideas, support and has his heart in the right place!

Oh, and did we mention that he is a terrific Tiler!

As Chrisy would say! “we love you really John! but you are a plank!”

Bless him!

Marsh in the course of the coming weeks will be sharing someĀ funnies, and of course some serious stuff but the character, really is odd!

Stay tuned for more of Marsh’s Antics, of which you will find, funny!, Sometimes disturbing and general great fun!

More to come…….